Modified NS-1

 Serial #203. Walnut body,
gloss finish, Badass bridge.
Bartolini pickups and Demeter
preamp. Neck was reinforced
with graphite bars in the 2001.
Sounds incredible; warmer
than the rest, may be because
of the Bartolini's. 

Modified NS-1

 Serial # 212. Rare birch body with
gloss finish. Purchased from
Pepe Hernandez (a famous Mexican
bass player who played with Luis
Miguel, Emmanuel and Mijares in
the 80's). He added the jazz pickup.
The neck was later reinforce with
graphite bas. It has a badass bridge,
Seymour Duncan Basslines 3 band
pre-amp with Slap switch. I would
not sell this bass for a million bucks.

Modified NS-1
w/Kahler tremolo

 Serial #502. Purchased from Antonio
de la Barreda (a.k.a. Olaf); A 
Mexican bass player who played with
Canned Heat in the 70's. Rare 5 piece
neck, the first 5 piece neck made by
Spector. I added the Kahler bass
tremolo, plus Basslines active pickups
and 3 band preamp. This bass does not
sound like a Spector anymore. The
heavy brass bridge, plus hi-fi electronics
and multi-laminated neck make it sound
like an Alembic than a Spector.


 Amber finish, quilted maple body,
piezo bridge, custom plastic
pickguard. Very versatile bass.
Built May 1995. 

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