Spector NS-4

 Custom neck-thru with with Ash body,
Badass bridge and maple fingerboard.
The first NS bass with a Maple
fingerboard. It was delivered in
July of 1998. Violet finish. The Slap
sound is out of this world.

Spector European 4

 NS-2 with white finish. Custom made
in Europe with an Alder body instead of
the usual maple. Aguilar Electronics.
This bass I use for weddings. The white
finish with gold hardware looks very
elegand against a Tuxedo. I LOVE this
bass. You have to hear it to understand.
People freak out when they play this
bass. It has become my second main
bass only after my Birch Spector. I
would seriously recommend choosing
Alder instead of Maple. It doesn't look
as nice but sound better in my opinion.

Spector European 5

 NS-5 in Walnut. Custom made in
Europe in 2002. DEEP SOUND.
Aguilar preamp. A low end machine.
Gloss finish. 35" scale. B string is clear
as a bell. The European Walnut body
has a very light color. It almost looks
like Zebrawood. Heavy bass.
Amazing value.

Spector European 5

 NS-5 in Plum. Custom made in
Europe in 2003 with an Alder body.
In the European plant they use Alder
for the ReBop models. I decided I
wanted and Alder neck-thru; what a
great decision. It sounds even better
than the Walnut 5. It's not too heavy
and the Aguilar electronics are punchy. 

Spector NS-2J

 US made NS-2J. Made in February
2003. It has an Ash body and Maple
fingerboard. Second NS bass with a
Maple fingerboard. Hipshot bridge, 
black hardware. New Spector Circuit.
Again the Slap sound is phenomenal.
A very light bass, that works with any
style. I had almost forgotten how good
a bolt-on bass can sound! 

Spector European 5

 NS-5 in Natural Alder. Custom made in Europe.  Solid Alder w/ maple
neck. Abalone inlays. Very pretty
and great sounding.

NEW as of 2/12/05
Spector European 4

 NS-4 custom made in Europe. 
 Solid Zebra wood wings with high gloss finish. Maple fingerboard. Demeter on-board preamp with active Basslines P-J Pickups. Abalone inlays. It's perhaps one of the most beautiful basses I have ever seen!


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